Bronze Beaker #1

This is probably the most beautiful single container I have made, but unfortunately I just couldn't get the camera to show this. It started off as a plain straight-sided beaker, about 18swg; I got bored with it and left it for some years, then decided to chamfer, planish then polish above the base with a hammer, and planish and polish a band round the top. The centre section was left with the raising hammer marks. I now like it so much I am in process of making two more; one in gilding metal, and another in silicon bronze.


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Brandi Bradley said...

Wow, the bronze beaker is beautiful. I love the hammered look, it's both elegant and rustic. Isn't it funny how we can walk away from a project and come back years later only to end up with something totally new and wonderful? That's part of letting creativity take it's natural course, letting a finished work inspire you to create more.