Adventures in Tumbling

Sterling silver tumbler brass & bronze tumblers It's been a while since I posted since I have had little time and energy to update the blog. I have in fact made five tumblers; small metal cups which, although they wobble somewhat, will right themselves even when pushed to the horizontal then released. I read somewhere that it was an 18th Century Naval tradition to use silver tumblers for the officers, because the motion of the ship was less disturbing for a tray of tumblers full of whiskey! All the tumblers were made from a 120mm diameter disk of 18swg metal, using either gilding metal & bronze respectively as in the pic top left; sterling silver top right; or brass (bottom two pics). I decided to dimple the base of the brass tumbler as in the right-hand pic. This makes it a lot more stable although it is still a 'tumbler', but reduces the height and internal volume and, as we all know, "size matters". In all cases, I left a centre band hammer-textured.

brass tumbler dimpled brass tumbler