Two heavy hallmarked cylindrical silver boxes

I have nearly finished two small but heavy hallmarked silver boxes. One box is in fine silver, the other in Britannia silver, both have domed lids with fine silver filigree wire decoration. In addition each box has two bands of fine silver filigree wire round the sides as in the picture below. They await final polishing, and addition of colour in some form; either enamel, or stone setting.

Hallmarked silver round box with filigree lid and body decoration

The picture below shows a single filigree unit used for the lid decoration, consisting of 3 'C' shapes in 0.8mm fine silver wire, soldered with hard solder into a circle of the same wire.  This is followed by a picture of three of these units soldered together, again using hard solder.

Fine silver filigree circle decoration Fine silver filigree 3-circle decoration

Next follows two pictures of the domed silver tops with the filigree soldered in place using easy solder.  The second one (fine silver) has a red heart-shaped CZ stone in place awaiting setting.

Britannia silver domed lid with fine silver filigree decoration Fine silver domed lid with fine silver filigree decoration