A little of what you filigree does you fancy

I had never intended my small-footprint, tall, heavy-gauge boxes to be plain on the outside, but equally had not determined precisely what decoration to use. Filigree was one of the possibilities, and to this end I shaped some 1.2mm round bronze wire into spirals and soldered them to all four sides of the least-worthy square box, using it as a test bed as it were. The box is silicon bronze 20x20x70mm, with a wall thickness of 1.67mm and weighing 170gm.

Bronze box with filigree

The final result was nothing like I expected; it was quite rythmic and reminded me of something jazzy from the 1920's, which certainly wasn't my intention, and I haven't even started putting wire on the lid section. I will probably try reducing the gauge of wire (although it will make life more difficult when soldering, to avoid melting it), and maybe doing mock-ups using superglue.

Bronze box with filigree

The picture above was a tentative design for a smaller phosphor bronze square-footprint box (still in the same heavy-gauge 1.67mm metal), not soldered. The box in any case has a decoration of small filed indentations down all four sides, which are very appealing whilst they retain their polish (not for long in other words with a copper alloy).