A copper locket / box with filigree

This was a project designed to test my large doming block. I sawed out two disks of copper sheet and domed them in the block. A third disk had the centre sawn out and the remaining 'washer' of copper was also domed. This was used as a kind of spherical bezel for the base dome. The foot of the box / locket was actually a short length of large-diameter copper plumbing pipe, which I flared out at both ends and soldered to the base dome. By far the biggest problem was fitting a hinge; I had to hand-fit some pieces of brass strip to fit the spherical surface of the outside of the domes, then solder them, groove them, add knuckles and a pin for the hinge.

Copper locket with filigree Copper locket with filigree

Then I domed some copper filigree which I had made years before, and soldered it to the top of the domed lid; this fortuitiously acted as a catch. Finally I soldered a small domed saucer of silver on top, bearing a melted bead of dichroic glass.

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