Glass enamels

I found a few pots of "glass enamels" which I had bought some two or three years earlier from a company called Potterycrafts, when I was thinking of doing some more glass fusing. Checking in the catalogue, I found that the firing temperature was just under 600C. Five samples were made, and two illustrated below;

I added a semi-abstract semi-pastoral image in primary red, blue and yellow to a discarded piece of copper which had a grey enamel surface, and fired it at 800C, out of curiosity. To my surprise, the colours didn't burn out, but gave the image shown. A second enamel piece, this time with a rather nice abstract leopard-skin pattern, had some spots added in the same primary colours, and fired at 600C. The result is the piece in orange / brown with darker spots.
The glass enamels were extremely easy to paint after adding enough distilled water to make a thin cream; so I am considering getting some "painting enamels" if possible, which are presumably equally painterly in effect and intended to be compatible with metal rather than glass. There have been no signs of distress on the enamels above.

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