A brief holiday

From 4th to 16th September I had a holiday in southern Turkey; mostly staying in Antalya, with a day at Phaselis, and 4 days at Kaş, all three on the coast. Very enjoyable, it's been a long time since I had more than a long weekend anywhere, although I never acclimatized very well to the daytime temperatures of 39C (or the night-time ones of about 28C). My thanks go to Kemal Özkurt of The Owl Bookshop, and to Harun Enez and Hussein Enez of Boncuk Bazaar (both in the Kaleiçi in Antalya) for looking after us so well.
Anyway, I found to my surprise that my brain performed noticeably better than it usually does (as measured by scores on Sudoku and Bobby Carrot [a Java game on my mobile], and remembering events for my diary!) which highlit the extent to which I have been flogging the poor thing.
Perhaps now I'll have the energy to actually make something, instead of watching others make things.