From chisels to gravers

Another staff development course financed by Central YMCA, I attended the first day of Working with Stone with Charlotte de Syllas as tutor, and the four days of Engraving with Wayne Parrot and Alan Craxford, both courses being held at the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design within London Metropolitan University. If time, timetable and cash had been on my side, I would ideally have also liked to do the remaining four days with Charlotte. Perhaps next time. I have already done quite a bit of lapidary work, and made a good start on fashioning a lacy agate cover for a cast silicon bronze seashell (pictures soon).
Engraving however is something I have not tried before, although I have used gravers for raising beads in pave work, and the main impetus for attending this course was to get to grips with gravers, as it were. I still regard them as one of the most difficult metal-working tools to do useful things with, and fortunately this course gave a good grounding for a beginner like myself, although it was really aimed at those who had already done a three day intro or had had some experience. But I started the course after talking to the Director, Alan Craxford, and things seemed to work out quite well. Wayne Parrot seems to be one of the few traditional fully-trained and experienced engravers around, and made an excellent tutor. Pictured below is my first crude attempt...