Making a silicon-bronze ring III

Although the rolled-out 0.5mm silicon bronze in part II below seemed perfectly acceptable for a ring liner, I thought I would substitute some of the fine silver I had recovered from sterling scrap. The thinking was that it was softer and would be easier to tinker with by hammering; also there would be a colour contrast, and less chance of copper staining for the wearer!
DSCF0555bDSCF0557bThe picture on blue felt shows the colours better, but also shows that I hammered the side face of the silver liner with a '0' numeral punch (the only type of small punch I possess). If nothing else, it shows that it is high time I bought or made some suitable small punches. The second picture shows the reverse, where the rivetting of the inner fine silver liner was done by hammering a conical mandrel into the ring, then burnishing the lip over for the last fraction of a millimetre. Fun, but I need to try a few more to refine my technique.


Anonymous said...

Don't they tarnish really rapidly? I love the rings - perhaps you should try making them in 18ct or something!



I read this March '08 post, and from what I understand, it's a silicon-bronze ring with a sterling silver lining (against the finger) right? I am looking to have a wedding band made, out of copper though, with a sterling silver lining. The image on the right, not the blue one, is exactly the look I am going for - a contrast in the metals (copper and silver), and the reason I want to use copper is because it will tarnish. I like that quality of the metal. I want it to look aged, worn, patinaed. Can you make something like this for me, 7.5 mm wide?

I've been looking for months all over the internet and going into lots of custom jewelry places in Chicago and nobody wants to deal with combining copper with anything. They think I'm crazy. But I saw exactly what I want in your ring design on your blog. can you help me?

Alan Barker