Making a silicon-bronze ring III

Although the rolled-out 0.5mm silicon bronze in part II below seemed perfectly acceptable for a ring liner, I thought I would substitute some of the fine silver I had recovered from sterling scrap. The thinking was that it was softer and would be easier to tinker with by hammering; also there would be a colour contrast, and less chance of copper staining for the wearer!
DSCF0555bDSCF0557bThe picture on blue felt shows the colours better, but also shows that I hammered the side face of the silver liner with a '0' numeral punch (the only type of small punch I possess). If nothing else, it shows that it is high time I bought or made some suitable small punches. The second picture shows the reverse, where the rivetting of the inner fine silver liner was done by hammering a conical mandrel into the ring, then burnishing the lip over for the last fraction of a millimetre. Fun, but I need to try a few more to refine my technique.