To Tumble No More

brass ex-tumbler brass ex-tumbler BRASS
bronze ex-tumbler bronze ex-tumbler BRONZE
Gilding metal ex-tumbler Gilding metal ex-tumbler GILDING METAL
Sterling silver ex-tumbler Sterling silver ex-tumbler STERLING SILVER

I must have got bored with the tumbling thing after making four tumblers in different alloys, so I decided to make a lid for the first brass tumbler. This showed pretty quickly that it was unstable, so I dimpled the base. After that I decided that I preferred the tumblers to be converted to pots with lids, so have two brass (only one shown), one gilding metal, one bronze and two sterling pots (again, only one shown). The not-shown sterling pot is still 'work under construction' and does not have a dimpled base; instead I flattened the base with a planishing hammer, then gave it a bevel all round the bottom edge. Pics later.